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a coffee shop with an art gallery

A place to relax, meditate and get inspired.

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The Gallery Cafe is a welcome extension to the renowned Kalakriti Art Gallery. It has been designed to give creativity a space of its own. Whether you are an artist or an academic, whether you are a performer or a practitioner, this is a place that provides the right environment, the right stimulus…all so you can relax amongst your fellow creatives and go back home recharged and reconnected.



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From 28th Oct - 10th Nov, 11:30 am – 10:30 pm.

Detail About The Event: A human being is a part of the whole, universe. It is limited in time and space. We experience thoughts, our feelings and ourselves as something separate from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of consciousness.

At that point the thin line between individual existence & whole universe gets resolve. This resolution is been interpreted in varied ways and then the confrontation comes into existence, with the self.

Artist Manisha Raju’s lyricism is also a way of confrontation, search for self, that metaphysical existence which exists beyond physical existence. Her narration converses many subjects and its relation with contemporary happening.

Her expression process is through figuration with well-defined forms, unique matrix of subtle tonal variation and minimalist contributing elements. Each developing form on the confined surface offers, her relative space, where actual form & empty space around negotiate relatively and adds meaning to the space.

The core approach of Manisha’s work deals with female existence her power & its unlimited existence in every era. The way women carries herself metaphysically and her known un-known, noticed-unnoticed struggle, throughout her life. The true value of a human being is determined by the measure and the sense in which they have obtained liberation from the self.

Manisha Raju is basically from Nagpur, Maharashtra State. Presently living and practicing her art at Chennai. She’s a Member of PPA - Progressive Painter’s Association, Cholamandal Artist Village, Chennai

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On 9-August-2017 at 7.30 pm

Is an artist more creative than a musician? Is a poet more creative than a writer of tales? Is a dancer the most creative of them all? Or does the actor deserve the honor of being called the most creative?

This Wednesday we have for you at The Gallery Café, for the first time ever, an evening of creative confrontation. Performing artists from various disciplines will vie for your attention and ask you to witness the multi-faceted challenges, and eventually help in deciding the winner once and for all.

You can look forward to some mind blowing performances and be all of a few things…educated, entertained and enlightened.




The Gallery Cafe is located alongside The Kalakriti Art Gallery, a landmark of Hyderabad located on Road No. 10 at Banjara Hills.



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The perfect entree to our main course. A serving of ice-crush flavoured with fresh roasted spices and fruit concentrate to whet your appetite.

The ice-crush is a seasonal delight and offered complimentary to your main meal.



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If you are an artists, a musician, an actor or simply a doodler, The Gallery Cafe welcomes you to bring forth your talent and leave an impression of your visit.

The Gallery Cafe Team will provide you with the resources, be it art material or a mic and stage.



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